Bar & Counter Stools

Kitchens and home bars hold so much of our time at home. We linger there before school, after work, or during lovely weekend afternoons. Bar and counter stools are a timeless seat in some of our most important rooms. A stool must look tasteful, be practical, fit the space, and endure the tests of time, company, and family. 

It’s wonderful to buy furniture that effortlessly matches or complements your home. With their simple frames and lines, stools are pretty easy to match with the major themes of a room. They often provide a tidy, clean look to a space. 

When shopping for a stool, it is particularly important to consider what you need for it to be functional. Comfort is subjective, and stools come in a wide variety of supportiveness. Additionally, they can have backs or foot-bars, which can make-or-break the experience for some folks. 

It can be helpful to bring pictures of the space, or the stools you’re considering, to make sure everything will look as you would like. Measurements of the height of the counter, the depth underneath it, and how high you would like to be, are all vitally important. Generally, one leaves 10 inches between their lap and the counter. It’s good to keep in mind who will be using the stools and how often, as people may have different needs. Depending on things like height, health issues, intended use, and how long the stools might be used for at a stretch. 

Lighter fabrics and simpler construction can be great for occasional use or when you know there won’t be much risk. Heavy use, use when drinking, or in an environment where kids might play, might demand a stronger construction and darker colors. 

Ultimately, it’s not something to overthink. At the end of the day, consider your needs and then go with your gut. Only bring out the tape measure when you start to feel concerned. Remember, we’re always here to help. 

Manchester Walnut Bar


Systems Available:

  • Manchester Walnut Bar  78” x 50” x 42”



  • Stainless Steel Dry Sink
  • Condiment Trays
  • Felt-Lined Drawer
  • Full Wrap Around Black Foot Rest, Wine Rack,
  • Laminate Working Surface and Bar Top, Raised Panels,
    Locking Doors
  • Finished in a Distressed Burnished Walnut
  • Shown With: Back Bar
    The very exciting back bar and hutch that can be used as a standard back
    bar with the optimal display or convert easily into an entertainment center
    that will accommodate most 42” televisions. Large cavity for wine
    cooler, glass doors for audio equipment, adjustable glass shelves and
    much more.