It’s time to get your outdoor furniture out of storage and ready for a delightful spring, summer and fall! Here are a few tips to help you get your outdoor living spaces set up and ready for relaxing and entertaining.

Be Careful Moving Your Furniture. It may be only a few dozen feet from the garage to the deck, or from the shed to the patio, but this move is the most dangerous part of your setup—for both you and your furniture!

Be sure to use the right lifting techniques and team up with two or more people to move heavy items. Be careful walking with furniture across grassy lawns, which still can be hard and gnarled from frost. Wear sturdy shoes or boots and move slowly to avoid twisting an ankle.

Clear the path for your furniture. If other items have piled up in front of your furniture, clear those out first rather than trying to lift the pieces over the obstruction. Make an open route for your glass tabletop to avoid bumping it into obstacles.

Check the condition of your furniture. Give your pieces a quick visual inspection, checking for cracks, tears, sharp edges, and even bugs and critters living in the gaps. You don’t want to discover the bees’ nest when you sit down on your outdoor sofa in your bathing suit…

Wash the furniture and wipe it clean. On the first warm day, hose or hand wash your outdoor furniture, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If the furniture came with special cleaning instructions, follow those instead.

Clean your seat cushions again. It’s unbelievable how much dust can get on cushions in storage! Even if you bagged them, a quick clean will refresh and soften the fabrics. Shake, vacuum, and then scrub with soap and water. Let the cushions dry in the sun.

That’s it! Then just set up your outdoor furniture the way you always do—or try a new layout for a new year—and enjoy! If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture or a whole new set for your property, we’d be happy to help.

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