Can you believe it’s only eight weeks until Thanksgiving and 12 weeks till Christmas?

This year, we dare you to try something wild: Clean and prep a little bit at a time, whenever you can, so that when the holidays get here you don’t have to do any massive clean-ups.

What do we mean by “a little bit at a time”? Seven minutes. That’s it – seven minutes.

Set your timer for seven minutes and do what you can – and if you want to go for longer, more power to you. Remember, moderate housework burns 240 calories an hour!

Here are a few micro-tasks that will save you cleaning headaches in November and December:

Get that Stuff Back in Storage

It’s amazing what things you’ll find laying around the house. Just this week I collected a paper cutter, an empty spray bottle, two photos in frames collecting dust in a corner, an extension cord, a piece of lumber (?!), and the list goes on. Get it back in the attic, the basement, the shed – or in the trash – a little bit at a time.

Clean that Glass

With a Windex bottle under the sink, it’s easy to knock out the windows one at a time. Sure, they won’t be perfect at Thanksgiving, but the point is to get the heavy gunk off now, so you only have to do a touch-up. You don’t want to spend November 26th scraping away at orange who-knows-what.

And How About Those Kitchen Knobs?

This is a new one – I just noticed how absolutely filthy kitchen knobs can get. Especially if they’re anywhere near the stove. If standard cleaning supplies aren’t working, you might need to carefully use a razor knife to shave off the sticky grime. Kids!

Do You Have Enough Space?

If you added new furniture over the past year, do you still have room for everyone to fit? Will you have to move anything around? Start planning now, and avoid carrying a bookcase down to the basement when you should be working on the turkey.

Do You Have Enough Seating?

You knew this was coming! If you’re planning to host family or friends this holiday season, do you have enough seats? This includes the dining table and the “relaxing areas” like the living room, finished basement, and home bar. Now might be the time to get a few matching chairs, so you don’t wind up offering guests the picnic furniture, the piano bench, the camping stool, and so on…

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your space for the holidays, stop by our showroom and take a look around. Dinette and Barstool Village is in the back of the Trolley Station Mall on Rt. 191 in Bethlehem (224 Nazareth Pike on your GPS).

See you soon!