If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, just remember the four P’s: People, Plan, Price and Prevention (of mistakes…). Stay focused on these to keep your project on the right track:


Who’s going to do the work? Take the time to find trustworthy contractors. Check with the Chamber of Commerce, ask for recent references, and, if you can, visit the site of an in-progress job.

Expect to wait a few weeks before the contractor can start on your job – the best ones are usually busy.


You can design the space yourself or you can team up with a professional kitchen designer.

If you go it alone, check out the 3D kitchen planner.

If you choose to work with a pro, take the time to answer their questions in as much detail as possible. Maybe even invite them over for dinner and cook for them!

Know what your priorities are for the new kitchen – space, storage, style, entertaining? How much do you cook? Who cooks? What do you make? A good planner can design a space that will delight you and your family for decades.


What’s your all-in budget? Which items do you want to save or splurge on? Is there anything you can re-use from your current kitchen?

If you have a specific, expensive feature in mind, you can often get the same effect for much less money. For example, a professional-looking cooktop plus electric wall oven can save you several thousand dollars compared to a high-end range. An island with barstools can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to a custom-built breakfast nook.


According to ThisOldHouse.com, here are the top mistakes that people make during a kitchen renovation. We’ve listed them as “don’ts” for emphasis:

Don’t try to be your own general contractor: Working with a combination of water, electric, and gas isn’t just dangerous, it can be illegal in some areas.

  • Don’t hire a contractor who makes you uncomfortable, even the slightest bit.
  • Don’t collect bids without providing clear-cut specifications: Be clear about what you want.
  • Don’t pay in advance: Work out a payment plan with set milestones.
  • Don’t lose sight of your big goal: Stay focused on the renovation and resist the urge to indulge in tiny side projects.
  • Don’t settle: You only want to do this project once, so make sure everything meets your standards!
  • Don’t ignore the items that are hidden from view: Brackets, piping, water sealing – all of these items need to be high quality.
  • Don’t change your mind mid-renovation: Unless you have an unlimited budget and a very patient contractor.
  • Don’t keep living with a frustrating space just to avoid the work of remodeling: Make it happen!

We’re happy to give you free design advice for your kitchen renovation, so stop in anytime. Tables, chairs, and barstools can do more than any other element to make your new kitchen comfy and cozy – and we’d love to help!

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