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22nd Nov 19

How to Prepare Your Furniture For Winter

By |2019-11-22T11:45:40-04:00November 22nd, 2019|How-To & Tips|0 Comments

With winter quickly on its way, the time has come to prepare your outdoor furniture for the elements! Here’s a quick guide on how to get ready for Mother Nature. These tips will ensure that your furniture will last for many years to come!  The first thing you want to do [...]

3rd Feb 15

How to plan for a kitchen renovation

By |2017-08-28T19:51:27-04:00February 3rd, 2015|How-To & Tips|0 Comments

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, just remember the four P’s: People, Plan, Price and Prevention (of mistakes…). Stay focused on these to keep your project on the right track: People Who’s going to do the work? Take the time to find trustworthy contractors. Check with the Chamber of Commerce, [...]