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How to Host Your Own Outdoor Music Festival


In August, there’s one place to be in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley: Musikfest. This 10-day festival in Bethlehem is one of the country’s top outdoor music events.

If you want to throw an amazing party for your friends and family, you can take some inspiration from Musikfest. Here are ways to recreate the spirit of Musikfest at your home.

Build it around an event

What do you want to celebrate? Oktoberfest, Labor Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or a celebration you invent, like Pretzelfest.

Get a band or two or three

Don’t be scared off by your wedding memories of how much a band costs. You can book solid rock bands or jazz groups for reasonable prices. Ask friends or check out Craigslist, open mic nights and college bars to find your talent.

Rent a tent

Most of Musikfest’s performances are underneath tents. Unless you have a barn, pavilion, or really trust the weather, you’ll want to rent a tent for your own ‘fest. People love a sheltered, outdoor place to gather and dance, even if there’s a sprinkle of rain in the air.

Move your home bar under the tent

If you have an outdoor bar, move it into the back of the tent, straight across the dance floor from the band.

Set up multiple hang-out areas

Depending on how much property you have, you can create two, three, or more areas for people to visit. Aim to have a tent, a fire pit, a bar or two, a buffet, and a circle of lawn chairs. Multiple areas of the party will keep the crowd moving and mingling.

Get your furniture and outsource the rest

It’s really not that hard to throw a party that people will remember for years. Once you have a few solid pieces of outdoor furniture for entertaining—outdoor bar, barstools, fire pit, dining tables—you just have to supervise. The caterer, tent company and band will be able to handle their own setup and takedown.

The caterer? Of course! You should only cook if you want to. If you’re a person who wants to cook (barbeque, anyone?) for 40 or more people, chances are you’re looking forward to it.

If you want to set up for home for memorable outdoor entertaining, visit us at the Trolley Station Mall on Rt. 191 in Bethlehem (224 Nazareth Pike on your GPS).

See you soon!