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How to Store Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter


When we last checked in, it was 12 weeks until Christmas – now it’s only three! We already had the first snow of the year and more will be on the way. Which leads us to the question – have you prepared your outdoor furniture for winter yet?

Ideally, you can move furniture inside to the garage or the basement. If you have to keep it outside, though, here are a few quick tips to help you protect your furniture from the elements.

Use car wax to create a protective shell

Apply a thin coat of car wax to your metal furniture to seal out rain, snow and ice. Most of the metal stools we offer are powder-coated, which is a strong protectant on its own. Car wax gives you a boost of extra shielding for the long winter.

Spray wrought iron with black exterior spray paint

First, use a wire brush to remove any rust spots on your wrought iron furniture. Next, choose a high-quality exterior paint that will double as a sealant. Rust-Oleum offers a few spray paints especially designed for iron, available at your local hardware store.

Cover furniture with a waterproof tarp

Find a heavy-duty outdoor tarp to drape over your furniture and anchor it well. Be sure that it’s tied down and tucked tight to the ground – even under the legs of the furniture, if possible. You don’t want the tarp to catch the wind and billow, flap, or sail away in a blizzard. Make sure the tarp is designed for harsh weather, and isn’t a thinner indoor tarp for painting or dust-cover applications.

Care for your seat cushions

Remove your patio furniture’s cushions and shake out all of the loose dirt. Next, vacuum the cushions to pull up any stubborn grime. Last, wash the cushions with soap and water, then store them until spring in a dry place.

If you have plastic cushions, just scrub them down with soap and a sponge, then store them inside as well.

Look around for non-furniture items that should come inside

It’s easy to forget about something delicate, only to find it ruined in spring. Glass lanterns can easily get buried in the snow and stepped on. If your picnic table’s glass top comes off, bring that in too. Same goes for any ceramics or mosaics. Bring in summer mats and rugs, and replace them with winter runners and doormats.

We want to see your furniture last for many seasons to come! And when you’re ready to add something new, no matter the season, stop by and visit our showroom in Bethlehem, PA.

We’re located in the Trolley Station Mall on Route 191 (Nazareth Pike) in Bethlehem, PA, just one mile north of Route 22. Turn at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and you’ll find us uphill toward the back of the building. Or call us any time at (610) 614-1617 with your furniture questions!