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Get in Shape with Housework after the Holidays


Did you know that you can burn some serious calories by doing housework? If your new year’s resolution is to get in shape, here are five ways to slim down while making your house look amazing!

1. Sweeping and mopping

You can burn around 240 calories an hour by sweeping and mopping – and that doesn’t even count the exercise of toting around a full mop bucket. This is a great workout for both the upper and lower body. Get your hips into it!

2. Shoveling snow

Before you fire up the snow blower, think about grabbing your shovel. Every snow storm is nature’s way of bringing the gym to your front door. By shoveling, you’ll burn about 415 calories an hour! Stretch beforehand and lift with your hips to avoid straining your back.

3. Painting

If it’s cold and nasty outside, why not paint that room you want to re-color? Painting works your arms and legs, and burn about 290 calories an hour. Throw in a few extra lifts of the paint bucket for good measure!

4. Scrubbing the bathroom

Every bathroom can always use a good scrubbing. Break out the rubber gloves and hit the walls, the shower and the fixtures. Bending and reaching provides a deep stretch and will help you stay flexible. And your guests will compliment your sparkling home!

5. Vacuuming

Carrying and pushing around the vacuum is a great workout that leads to immediate results! Clean up winter’s dirt and salt to add years to your carpets. Lug the vacuum upstairs to do all the bedrooms. Last, vacuum your couch cushions and chair seats. And if you spot any furniture that is looking old and tired, come visit our showroom in Bethlehem!

How do you stay active around the house in the winter? Stop by our Facebook page and let us know!