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How to Audit Your Office Furniture


A while back we did a post about how our office chairs are actually comfortable. This month, we want to help you plan your 2014 budget for office furniture. Late in the year is a good time to review the quality of your tables and chairs. Here are a few tips to help you audit your furniture – it’s easier than it sounds!

Is anything broken?

If so, it should get replaced as soon as possible. Check for missing chair arms, splintered table edges and broken tilt mechanisms that tip people onto the floor. Messed-up wheels on rolling chairs are also a hazard.

Broken furniture is an injury risk and a liability. We can help you find replacements that are affordable, safe and stable.

Would you want to wait in your waiting area?

Go ahead, take a seat in your office’s waiting area. Are the chairs still comfortable? Is there still life in the cushions? It’s important to test out your lobby’s chairs every month to make sure they’re in good condition and reflect well on your business. This is where customers, potential new hires and all sorts of other important people get their first impression!

If your waiting area is getting tired, stop by and test out some new comfortable chairs!

Is your conference and meeting space up to par?

Maybe when you started out a few years back, you only needed four chairs in the conference room. But now, you frequently host six, eight or more around the table – and you have to pull in mismatched chairs to give everybody a seat.

If this sounds like your office, we can show you lots of matching conference room sets that will help you upgrade your capacity in style and comfort.

Is furniture hurting your company’s productivity?

It’s rare to have an exact way to measure this, but here’s a start: Do the people in your office complain about the furniture? Do they say things like, “This table is way too low” or “This chair kills my back”? Do people bring in their own back supports and seat cushions? If so, you have a problem with ergonomics that might be hurting your bottom line. Because, as obvious as it sounds, people don’t work well if they’re uncomfortable or in pain.

We’ll help you find quality, comfortable furniture that will make everyone happy and productive.

Ready to try out some new furniture?

Stop by our showroom and try our chairs and tables for yourself. Set your GPS for 224 Nazareth Pike (Rt. 191) in Bethlehem, PA. Take Route 22 to the exit for Rt. 191 North. We’re one mile north of the exit in the Trolley Station Mall.

Or, just give us a call and we’ll answer your questions: 610-614-1617.

See you soon!