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Furniture Safety and Quality: We’re Looking Out for You


Here’s a story from our showroom…

The other day, one of our customers asked for a certain brand of barstool with a “comfort seat.” They’d seen this seat on the manufacturer’s website and it looked great. We explained that sorry, we don’t carry that particular seat because we’ve found that the fabric opens up at the seam too often.

Our customer was surprised, but thanked us for being honest about the issue. We showed them a stool that didn’t have the “comfort seat,” but that still had a thick and comfortable seat cushion (and not too thick!). They liked it, we shook hands, they were happy and we were happy.

After over 25 years in the furniture business, we’ve found that it just doesn’t make sense to sell second-rate products. Furniture should stand up to hard use and last for years, if not generations. We constantly test the quality of the furniture that we sell by bringing it into our own homes.

Safety is another biggie. You won’t see any stools with wheels here, because we’ve found that they’re too unstable.

For all of our furniture, we make sure the joints are tight, the welds are strong and there aren’t any nails or screws sticking out due to sloppy workmanship. Many of our suppliers manufacture their products in the US and Canada, which means that you get an extra helping of craftsmanship in every item.

Looking out for you

We’re going to keep looking out for you as best we can. If you want a particular product and we don’t have it because of a workmanship or safety concern, we’ll help you find something better. And if you want the backstory on any item we carry, just ask. We’re happy to tell you all about what makes each product great.

Stop by our showroom at 224 Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem, PA, send us a note or call us at (610) 614-1617. We want to help you find the perfect addition to your home!