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Bar owners: Are your barstools ready for the Super Bowl?


Barstool Seating for the Super BowlThe Super Bowl is two weeks away – is your bar ready to handle the crowd?

If your bar or restaurant is showing the game on Super Bowl Sunday, you know what to expect. Tons of regulars plus a bunch of new faces. Your regular customers are going to want to get a seat and watch the game. But your new customers are going to want to sit down too. So here are two questions to ask yourself as an owner:

  1. Do I have enough barstools on hand for the crowd?
  2. Are my stools in shape to handle Super Bowl Sunday?

If you don’t have enough stools on hand, come see us. We’ll be able to help you out with last minute additions.

We’re not saying that you need to pick up dozens of new stools. But if you’ve been getting by with three, four, or five stools out of commission – you know, the ones sitting damaged in your storage closet – you should get back to your full seating capacity for the big game.

Second, are your stools in shape? This falls under the category of preventative maintenance. You don’t know how much abuse your stools are going to take on Sunday – moving, shuffling, and anxious toe-tapping – and who knows how much weight they’ll have to bear.

Over the next two weeks, inspect your stools to make sure they’re ready for action. On metal stools, check screws, nuts and bolts. Check for rips and loose edges in padding – nervous customers will tug at loose threads and fabric and open up huge tears. Check for cracks in wood, pieces coming apart, splintered edges and creaky legs.

If you find any problems, we can set you up with replacement stools to protect you and your customers from the dreaded mid-game stool collapse. Because no one wants to see old man Ziegler crash to the ground covered in beer and hot wings.

Let us help you make sure your bar is ready for the big game. Give us a call at 610-614-1617 to talk about what you need, or come see us on Rt. 191, just north of Route 22 in Bethlehem, PA. Click here for directions and hours.