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The Joy of Glass Fireglo Fireplaces


The Joy of Glass Fireglo FireplacesLooking for a safe and easy way to enjoy a cozy fire at home? The Fireglo fireplaces pictured below give you a log fire’s light, heat and thick, rich flames. One click of a lighter and it’s lit. You don’t have to chop and haul logs, light the kindling, tend the fire on your hands and knees, worry about carbon monoxide and make sure it’s out when you go to bed.

A clean and easy fire

These fireplaces burn Fireglo fuel, which is a clean gel that comes in re-sealable metal pots. Lighting the fuel is easier than lighting a candle, and a spatula-like snuffer makes it easy to put out the flames when you’re done.

Perfect for any room in your home

Fireglo fireplaces are perfect for apartments, condos, and any home that doesn’t have a built-in working fireplace. They’re an easy alternative to costly construction to put in a wood-burning or pellet stove. And even if you do have a chimney, a Fireglo fireplace is the easiest way to bring cozy comfort into your dining room, kitchen or bedroom.

Beauty and warmth

Two of these fireplaces are shown below. We’ve tested them out at parties, and guests always gather in a crowd around the thick orange flames and radiating heat. The glass panels create a beautiful frame and invite you to stare into the fire.

Fireglo fireplaces don’t just look great in your home – they warm you up, too. The fireplaces below kick out up to 3,000 BTU!  And when you don’t want heat, you can take out the fuel pots and put in candles. Either way, the fireplace sets a romantic, cozy atmosphere that’s also great for entertaining.

Here are two fireplaces that you’ll enjoy year-round:

Hudson Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace

The tall glass panels on either side of the three Fireglo pots give you a clear view of the thick flames.  This fireplace has a clean, modern loft style.

Walton Portable Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fireplace

This fireplace is a guaranteed eye catcher. And you don’t have to mount it on the wall, either – it goes great on a side table or on a shelf against the wall.

We can order these and other fireplaces for you. Just give us a call at 610-614-1617 or stop by our showroom. We’re located one mile north of Route 22 in the Lehigh Valley. Take the exit for Route 191 N or set your GPS for 224 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, PA.

See you soon!