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How to set up your home for hosting during the holidays


Family having Thanksgiving dinner.During Thanksgiving and the holidays, we see how kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms can bring us together as a family. Often we’ll reconfigure these rooms to host extra guests, or we’ll use rooms in ways that they haven’t been used all year.

What about taking the lessons of the holidays and using them to rethink how we gather as a family throughout the rest of the year? Here are a few ideas for setting up your home in order to bring your family together – during the holidays and during all of the other months too.

1. Make the kitchen more welcoming

During the holidays, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. They might lend a hand with the cooking or just sit around and talk. To make your kitchen more welcoming, try these ideas:

  • Add an island or a baker’s cart to give people a place to help out with the cooking.
  • Use a baker’s rack to free up counter space, allowing more people to pitch in.
  • Have a few stools on hand, either at counters or along the walls. These will allow people to gather in the kitchen without everyone standing, milling around or crowding the workspace.

2. Set up the dining room for family dining

Is your dining room set up so that everyone can eat as a family?

  • Make sure you have a table large enough for all of your guests and enough chairs, including high chairs for children.
  • Forget about the “kid’s table” and bring your children to the table for your holiday meals.
  • If you find yourself dining at a “mutant table” year after year – two different shaped tables pushed together to make a large table – it’s probably time to upgrade! Nobody likes those awkward seats at the seam…

3. Keep the living room warm and relaxed

Does your living room have enough seating for your entire family?

  • It’s nearly impossible to keep extra couches on hand, but do you have stools ready for visitors?
  • Set up your family room for conversation, so that the seats face each other as much as possible, rather than everyone being aimed at the TV.
  • Ottomans can double as fireside seating.

With the right furniture in the right arrangement, your home becomes a space that naturally helps your family bond – both during the holidays and through the rest of the year!

Stop by to browse our quality furniture at fantastic prices, or just to ask a few questions! We’re one mile north of Route 22 in the Lehigh Valley. Take the exit for Route 191 N or set your GPS for 224 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, PA.

Happy Thanksgiving!