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Glass LED tables: Relaxed, sexy and sophisticated


One of the most difficult feelings to create in a room is the cool, laidback yet classy look. Modern yet inviting. Relaxed yet sophisticated. Things can easily veer off into tacky…or retro…or cliché.

The design challenge is the same whether you’re planning the interior of your restaurant, bar, club or home. The first impression has to be sleek, but the interior needs to stay fresh as time goes by. It can’t get old after a couple hours or bring people down. A lot of rooms that aim for “cool” end up too dark, and instead just make guests feel tired.

Our new glass LED tables let you create an intimate style for your relaxed and laidback space. Each table has a glass top lit from inside with LEDs that transition through six colors. Below is a clean and modern chrome base. The design is evocative of a certain iconic glass-and-metal smartphone and just as cool. These tables bring calm energy to a room, keeping people up and engaged. They electrify the night.

Classic, Modern Bar Tables

You can see the tables in the pictures above. There are four types:

  • A tall 42” LED bar/café table that pairs well with two barstools.
  • A midsize LED accent table that can fit two chairs for coffee, cocktails or snacks.
  • A just-right LED end table, perfect for next to the couch in your home or lounge.
  • A broad, low LED coffee table – the ideal centerpiece for club bottle service or that home lounge feeling.

As cool as these tables are, they also give you a clean sheet to work with for your interior design. What will you choose as a centerpiece? How will you pair it with cocktail glasses? What seats will you choose? We have modern polymer barstools as well as black leather couches and recliners that offer just a hint at the possibilities.

The days might be getting darker, but these glass LED tables make the night come alive. Stop by our showroom just off Route 22 in the Lehigh Valley to see for yourself. We’ll turn off the lights and let you see the seductive style of the LEDs.