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Barstools in the Home: 3 Ideas for Beyond the Bar


Don’t let the name fool you – barstools aren’t just for bars. Sure, every home bar needs at least two quality barstools, but there are plenty of other places in the home where a barstool makes a great addition. Here are a few of those spots:

Barstools for the Kitchen

Barstools in the KitchenMost kitchen islands are designed to include barstool seating. Many kitchen counters also welcome barstools. If your counter has an overhang, just add barstools for a new, convenient seating area.

If you’re refinishing your kitchen counters, make sure that at least one area has an overhang of 12 to 15 inches to create a cozy barstool dining area.

Barstools that pull up to your kitchen counter are good for quick morning breakfasts or afternoon snacks, when you want to avoid “settling down” for a long time. They’re also ideal for cooking, letting you easily move between tending the food and sitting down and relaxing. You can rest while the food cooks, but still keep an eye on it.

Barstools for the Deck and Patio

Barstools for the deck and patioFor the same reason, it’s good to have a barstool next to your grill. The stool lets you sit back and relax with a cold drink while still making sure that the food is grilled just right.

Even if you’re not cooking, barstools provide perfect seating for your back deck, balcony or patio. We’ve found that deck railings are usually the perfect height for pulling up barstools and enjoying the view. Pair the barstools with a raised café table to create a laid-back outdoor nook that you can enjoy at any time of day.

Barstools for the Workbench

Barstools for the workbenchWe wouldn’t recommend sitting down for active jobs, like cutting, hand planing or sanding wood. However, you do detail work such as repairing small machines, carving, sharpening or electronics work, a stool will give you added stability and focus. The average height of a workbench designed for seated detail work is 38 to 42 inches, just right for a barstool to go along with it.

The ideal workbench stool is simple, without a padded seat or back rest. This keeps you upright and focused. As a bonus, the stool’s light weight and small footprint makes it easy to pick up, move around or even hang from the ceiling when not in use. We offer a variety of traditional wooden stools like the one shown above from Beechbrook.

Which barstool is right for you?

There’s no limit to the ways you can use a good barstool. We invite you to visit our Lehigh Valley showroom at 224 Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem, PA to test out a few stools and see which ones are best for your home!