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3 Essential Accessories for Your Home Bar


Every home bar is different, but a quality bar always has these three essentials…

A Good Stereo

Turn it up and relax.

Turn it up and relax. Photo by AussieGall via Flickr.

Your home bar deserves a real stereo. Avoid playing tunes from your smartphone through a dock or input cable, unless you want your calls to interrupt the party. Source your music through a dedicated iPod, home music server, or even an old CD, tape or record player.

Mount the stereo above your bar — not on or below — to avoid drippings and spills. Speakers with flat tops should be placed where they won’t turn into extra cocktail tables — either wall-mounted, wall-recessed or tucked into cabinets. And if you have adjoining outdoor space, a zone selector for indoor, outdoor or both is a must-have.

Quality Barstools (of course!)

File under ultra-comfortable barstools.

File under ultra-comfortable barstools.

Chances are the party will end up hanging around the bar and the bottles. But don’t force your guests to stand at your home bar like it’s some roadhouse saloon (even if that is the vibe you’re going for).

Quality barstools give your guests a place to sit down, relax and unwind. As the night winds down, barstools keep the atmosphere cool and welcoming.  The last handful of guests won’t feel like stragglers if they’re sitting at your bar.

Your barstool selection also sets the tone of comfort and hospitality for your bar. You can choose simple wooden stools that discourage lingering, or plush, upholstered barstools with arms and backs that you can sink into for hours.

We have both types and plenty more. Click here to browse our barstools and discover what works best for you.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

A beer’s-eye view of your home bar’s greatest tool.

A beer’s-eye view of your home bar’s greatest tool. Photo by Bradleygee via Flickr.

This simple tool puts an end to the eternal dilemma of “got a bottle opener?” You’ll never go hunting through drawers and cabinets again.

We suggest two. Mount the first opener behind the bar, somewhere between the beer fridge and the barstools. A time-tested location is on the bar’s lip, facing you.

You can mount the second opener by the couch-side beer fridge, the pool table, the hot tub, or wherever else guests might find it convenient. Bonus points if you pick a spot that doesn’t require turning your back to the TV!

Let us help you create the ultimate home bar. Stop by our showroom at 224 Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem, PA, to get your bar ready for summer fun. You can browse over 350 barstools, plus pub tables, TV stands, unique lighting and more. Click here to get directions. See you soon!