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Featured Product: Trica’s 007 Series


Because we enjoy, in our personal homes, the same furniture that we sell to our customers, we want to take time to highlight a featured product once a month. We start with giving a review of Trica’s 007 series stool, “Arthur 2”:

Arthur 2 Bar Stool

Comfort Level

With arms that are a perfect length for any person’s height and a back that is not too high or too low, as well as cushy padding, this stool is as comfy as it looks! With its unique armrest design, you won’t find yourself using this chair to lounge in, but perfect for entertaining and a place to rest for those in-between moments.

The Look

Trica’s 007 series stool has a slightly higher than average look. Perfect for a comfortable and stylish décor, the stool gives off a sense of style without appearing too fancy.

Cost & Durability

The stool is made of a top notch industrial steel, for which you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is going to last. At a price that you can afford, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many meals to come!