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Today’s Trends


The world of dinettes and barstools consist of a plethora of choices.  Here is a list of some of today’s hottest trends.

2-Toned Wood Colors

Common styles today consist of rich two toned wood colors.  For example, table tops and seats of chairs one color and table legs and chair legs and backs another.

Distressed Woods

Distressed woods are very popular too, although it is usually done with other distressed furniture in the room.

Mixing & Matching

Counter stools such as metal with upholstered seats are a nice touch next to a granite island or laminate surface, and can break up a room that already has a lot of wood.

Dinettes don’t necessarily need to match the stools. By choosing a different stool than a dinette it also can break up a matchy-matchy look. As long as the styles match, a room can be done tastefully (example: a french country stool should not be done with a contemporary dinette).

Dinettes can be done in metal and glass tops, metal and wood tops, or all wood. Metal colors on stools that match a light fixture can also be a nice touch.

What’s your favorite recent trend?