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5 Things To Do Before Shopping For Stools & Dinettes


1. Choose your height.

It is important to know the height (from floor to top of counter) when looking for the right height of your stools.

  • Spectator – A 34” stool goes with a 45” to 47” counter
  • Counter – A 24-26” stool goes to a 36” counter
  • Bar – A 30” stool goes with either a 41” or 42” bar

2. Measure the length of your counter.

This will give you an idea of how many chairs/stools you can fit across. This measurement can help you when deciding if you want stools with arms or no arms.

3. Measure between areas.

Measure the area between the counter and any obstructing walls, appliances, or walkways that could hinder the moving in and out motion of your chair.

4. Bring color samples.

Colors are important when matching and coordinating. Bring samples such as window treatment swatches, cabinet stain chips or even a drawer, anything that can help in determining your color matches.

5. Give yourself enough ordering time.

If you’re moving into a new home or remodeling — allow time to complete your order. For example, if it’s 3-4 weeks until your order comes in, then you might want to start shopping for your furniture 3-4 weeks in advance, preferably longer. If your furniture arrives before you need it, we can hold it as long as long as you like. Many of our products only take 1 week to order.